Netflix announces experimental AI Dog and Boy anime

Netflix announces experimental AI Dog and Boy anime

Netflix announces experimental anime starring AI Dog And Boy

Artificial intelligence is increasingly becoming a facet of our daily lives, with internet users sharing online art created primarily by machines rather than by the artists themselves. While the topic has sparked much debate, the anime world seems to be getting involved in creating its own man-made art, with a new short-lived partnership between Netflix and Wit Studio and internet technology developer Rinna Inc. Fortunately, you can already watch this short film without a Netflix subscription.

Wit Studio has become a player in the anime universe with people like attack on titanium, after producing the first three seasons before delivering the fourth and final season to the MAPPA studio, which returns later this year. Ironically, a similar situation occurred with vinland saga, when White produced the first season of the Viking epic, but has now brought the series to MAPPA with the start of its second season. With White with great successes in the form of the last two spy x family and Ranking of kingsIt will be interesting to see if future projects include the use of artificial intelligence.

boy and dog

Netflix Japan has shared the new anime short, which takes us into a heartwarming story of a futuristic dog and his owner, separated by some strange circumstances, but bittersweetly reunited as the streaming service delves deeper into the realm of anime:

The translation of this tweet is as follows:

“A short film from the joint animation project “Dog and Boy” from Netflix Anime Creators Base, technology developer rinna Inc. and WHITE STUDIO. As an experimental attempt to help the anime industry with few hands, we use imaging. Technology for the background images of all three minute video clips.

While Spy x Family has been confirmed for a movie and a second season, White has yet to be confirmed to return to the story of Loid, Yor, and Anya, and considering they’re teaming up with CloverWorks in the first season, it’ll be interesting when they get involved, the long haul when it comes to one of the biggest new anime series of 2022.

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