Great anticipation for the premiere of Calle 7 on Telefuturo on Monday the 7th –

Great anticipation for the premiere of Calle 7 on Telefuturo on Monday the 7th –

Calle 7 format, a television program adapted from Chile with the same song, appeared on the small screen of Paraguay via Telefuturo on Monday at 5 p.m., starting at 7 p.m.

This time the proposal is accompanied by the duo Kassandra Frutos and Dani Willigs.

“It has been completely renovated. The entire staff of attendees came from a national super broadcast that was successful in the call. We have an impressive duo to talk about and I’m sure this year will reveal a lot,” said Laura Arias, manager of Grupo Vierci’s multimedia Mkt and Advertising.

Arias also indicates that challenges and games will also be released. You will enjoy new challenges and infrastructure on the Channel 4 main set.

Besides watching all this live on the Villamorra channel, they will follow the social networks of the channel and the program as a duo. You can follow the news of the program on social networks, Calle 7 Py on Facebook, Instagram, calle7py and Twitter @calle_7py.

“We’ve been training for several weeks to host the show with Dani Willigs,” Cassandra said.

The duo tried to prepare to “give it all” in the successful format that promised a revamped version with new features.

“We are very excited to get started. Since the last one it has been an extremely intense experience, I am personally very grateful, excited and looking forward to getting started, to face this format, this new facet of my professional life,” adds the presenter to.

For Cassandra, this challenge will be a change and a new one compared to other media experiences of recent years.

The format returns to the small screen after 6 years. “We will have a new audience and longtime fans of the format will definitely follow us. I am sure they will be addicted and follow the program, it is impossible not to be privileged, both for the competitions and for the stories of the participants. They all came to win and focused on achieving that,” he continues.

Emotions TV host and radio host Dani Willigs admits he has a mix of emotions for new entrant Calle 7, but sums it up as “happy and excited”.

“It’s a combination of luck, fear, and nerves,” says Dani, who received the offer late last year and was thrilled with the idea of ​​being part of the project from the outset.

As the date approaches, the performer feels the “concern” to launch the conference and equally “commitment” to deliver a program that provides entertainment and entertainment to the public.

Dani met Kassandra Frutos, who will be her co-host. “We had worked on other projects together and even got to star in a play,” she recalls. But for the first time they will work together as a media duo.

“We’re so excited, we’re counting down and finalizing all the final details for that big premiere on March 7, as Kass and the entire amazing production team will do our best for you,” Willigs said.

Although he couldn’t go any further, the driver says that the audience will be “surprised and above all will enjoy 100% with us”.


“We are back with Calle 7 as we want to reach the next generation and we are happy to be part of a successful format at Telefuturo. At the casting we noticed that the men who watched the show 6 years ago – they were still children – are now presenting themselves to enter the competition. We are delighted with the attention from our viewers and followers, the response from the day we announced the return of a classic format, and the factory of talents in the artistic environment”, Laura Arias.

Source: Ulti Mahora