Dani Willigs is an actor and chef who dreams of challenging roles –

It was recently announced that Dani Willigs along with Kassandra Frutos will host the new season of Calle 7, which will air on Telefuturo soon. In this interview, Willigs talks about his career.

Do you need a new challenge call 7, sens admits to having a mix of emotions, ‘happiness, fear and nerves’, but admits that the ‘commitment’ to give all audiences the best and provide a lot of entertainment is the strongest feeling.

The beginnings of Daniel Andrés Willigs Camperchioli date back to 2015, when they decided to study theater and followed various workshops. She made her theater debut in 2015 and has also made some well-deserved TV appearances, “but no bigger”.

Willigs describes it as “too small” and believes his media career officially began in 2018, “when I was selected to host the show after the casting. i felt like rakiura and months later the first FM radio proposal appeared,” he recalls.

THEATER. Dani Willigs, talking about her time in the theater, emphasizes that her most important step was in 2017, when Juan Carlos Cañete and Patricia Reyna from Equipo Teatro offered her acting. Beauty and the Beast, Where the Prince will be, with Paola Maltese.

At the same time, Willigs worked in a bank, studied an acting career with the artist Natalia Sosa Jovellanos, “it was my watchful duty for many years, because as a child she always said that if she saw plays or fiction, at some point she would do the same.”

From there, Willigs starred in several proposals, so it’s hard to pick a favorite game or character, “sometimes it’s hard to stick with one because they each had their own magic.”

However, withdrawal of participation Award to LuciaWhere he plays Martín and cherishes all the comedies made with the Equipo Teatro.

RADIO. Versatile Dani Willigs also dares as a radio host. after starting in teve (I felt Rakiura)He got an offer from HEi and started his time with radio in this field, Summer HEi, Rush Hour, Summer Crush, Summer Reset There ATR in the tropics.

While her versatility allowed her to take on a variety of roles, Dani Willigs admitted that it made it difficult to pick someone to keep up with.

“It’s hard to choose. I always say, if life let me do 3 things at once, I would do it all my life. Each allows me to reach and interact with people in different ways. But acting has always been my first love, and that’s what connected me to the media after that.”

CREATIVITY. As for everyone else, Dani Willigs has felt the health crisis in every aspect of her life and felt the blow even more with her artistic side.

“The arts were one of the last industries to be reactivated. That’s why in the beginning it was very difficult for theatre, events, concerts and artists to go bankrupt,” he says.

But for many, as well as for the artist, radio and TV presenter, it was an opportunity to give free rein to their creativity.

“It allowed me to stop, think, think and reorganize myself.” I had the chance to take online courses, read that book that was waiting, write a little, among other activities that helped keeping my mind busy and a little distracted,” she said.

TO DREAM. Dani Willis designs and does not dream. One of her greatest desires is to act professionally in movies and TV series on current platforms: “I can call you Netflix, because today perhaps the most famous Netflix is ​​a Netflix that I personally consume a lot. But any international platform that invites a player is a big step forward.”

While Willigs loves cinema, he turned to the series: “I feel that the world of series has become very interesting in recent years because they allow the actor to build, see and develop the character for longer than in a feature film”, analyzes. Their complex psychology, physical changes, appearance, etc. He is interested in challenging roles with:

Dani Willigs confessing that she knows how to nurture her love in the theatre, resorting to television and radio and starring in Frente de Calle 7, a popular entertainment format.

Integer: Daniel Andres Willigs Camperchioli.
Birthday: July 19
Age: 32 years.
Occupation: Artist, actress, TV host and radio host, model, singer.
Beginning: He started his artistic career attending theater workshops around 2015 and got his first chance as a professional actor in 2017 with the play La bella y la bestia with Teatro Team and Paola Maltese. Snow White has also been part of other children’s classics such as Hamelin’s Pied Piper and works as a comedy for adults. They host Sentí Rakiura on TV and HEi Summer, Rush Hour, Summer Crush, Summer Reset and ATR on radio on the Tropicalia.

Source: Ulti Mahora