‘Fruta del Corazón’, the first album by Stephanie Osorio from Cartagena

‘Fruta del Corazón’, the first album by Stephanie Osorio from Cartagena

Colombian-Canadian singer-songwriter Stephanie Osorio will release her first album fruit of the heart on March 3 on all digital platforms and will be accompanied by a launch concert on the same day at Le Ministère concert hall in the city of Montreal, Canada.

the simple like that mulatto preceded the release. Born on the Colombian Caribbean coast, Stephanie Osorio draws inspiration from various Latin American music styles.

He won the second Charles-Émile Gadbois Prize as an interpreter in the 2011 Chante en français competition, organized by the DO-MI-SOL Foundation, and more recently, she received the Latin Awards Canada 2022 in the “Female Artist of the Year” category.

She has also participated as a singer in numerous musical projects in Colombia and Canada, and has sung in the Afro-Colombian music group Bumaranga since 2012. Throughout her musical career, Stephanie has been invited to collaborate with various artists in the Quebec music scene. and her voice has been used to create themes for movies and television series for HBO, Netflix and Amazon, including the theme song for the series. The White Lotus.

Currently, Stephanie is pursuing a career as a solo singer in which she also presents her own musical compositions. fruit of the heart is a compilation of moments, feelings and emotions from her life, which have traveled with her from the tropics to the north, through the sea and the wind. His clear voice, accompanied by traditional instruments, immerses us in a frenzy of bright musical colors.

Source: El heraldo