Twitch Reveals Why Adin Ross Was Banned

Twitch Reveals Why Adin Ross Was Banned

Streaming platform Twitch has revealed the reason for the recent ban on controversial streamer Adin Ross. Last weekend, Ross received the eighth suspension of his Twitch career. This time, however, Ross got a ban that he said would keep him off Twitch permanently. And while Twitch gave no reason for Ross’ removal at the time the hammer fell, the company has now cleared up the matter.

In a statement to Dexert, Twitch said the reason Ross was banned from the site was because his chat was not properly moderated. Referring to the site’s official policy, Twitch said that “racist and anti-Semitic posts” of any kind are not allowed on the platform. When several of these messages appeared in Ross’s chat, which were later not hidden or deleted during the stream, Twitch decided to step in and ban him.

“In accordance with our Community Guidelines, unmoderated hateful behavior in chat, such as posting racist and anti-Semitic messages, is not allowed on Twitch,” the streaming platform’s statement read.

As for what Ross feels about his final departure from Twitch, he stated that he doesn’t care about the decision. Ross notes that he recently signed a new partnership with Kick that will serve as his new streaming home going forward. Despite this, he still maintains that Twitch banned him “for no reason” and claims that Twitch’s move was part of a larger attempt to get him. cancelled.

“I already signed my contract with that crap. Does not matter. I already locked myself in Kick,” Ross said in a recent stream. Listen, I’ve been permanently banned from Twitch. It’s done. It’s done. But I was permanently banned for no reason.”

Source: La Neta Neta