“I’m ready for the next round life has for me”: Shakira

With a brimming smile once again witnessed by her fans and attracting worldwide attention, Barranquilla singer Shakira returned to the screens and gave her second interview since her split with the Spaniard, Gerard Piqué, was announced.

On the night of this Monday, the artist’s conversation with Mexican-American journalist Enrique Acevedo was broadcast on the program En Punto de N+. Since what became a media bombshell was unleashed in June 2022 to confirm their divorce, Shak has been away from the cameras and the media until she decided to give her first interview three months later.

It is in September that she tells the Spanish magazine Elle what she considered the darkest phase of her life, aware that she was in the public eye and feeling that it was all a bad dream from which she would soon awaken. And yes, she succeeded, what was a straight dagger to her heart months ago awakened in her a light full of self-love.

“I’ve found this fable about a woman needing a man to be false because I’ve been dependent on men, in love with love and I think I’ve understood that story from a different perspective.”

Going through her love duel has taught her to understand that pain is part of life.

“Not all dreams in life come true, but life finds a way to make it right. We always avoid pain and it turns out that pain is part of life.”

In the middle of her process, she accepted that she had to “pick up the little bits off the ground” when certain dreams were shattered, but now, through her barriers, she has found strength.

“When a woman has to endure the ravages of life, they come out stronger because you have learned to express what you feel. Now I feel complete because I feel like I depend on myself and that I have two children have who depend on me.”

Source: El heraldo