Shadia joyfully conjures up the feeling of a ‘Goldfinch’

Shadia joyfully conjures up the feeling of a ‘Goldfinch’

Early one morning after a musical presentation, singer Jorge Oñate arrived at his house and his body went into its natural rest. While in it, he had a dream that woke him up. His mind was in a straight line with his heart and conveyed some verses and a melody to dedicate it to a person who made his life happy, his granddaughter, the one who affectionately called him ‘daddy’.

Because Shadia is too big

is that Shadia grew up,

she’s daddy’s sweetheart

May God bless me.

A simple verse that expressed the most fervent affection of the grandfather with a noble heart and who knew how to point to the horizon with love and confidence. Shadia Oñate Villafañe, the daughter of Jorge Luis and Kelly, gave her grandfather that happy dawn, and from that moment on she began to put together the puzzle of verses so that it would have the necessary power, the greatest feeling and the exact melody to adapt to the accordion

Jorge Oñate didn’t put much effort, because days later he said: “Shadia, she is my first granddaughter. She comes from my soul and everyone knows the adoration I have for her. I love Shadia, as well as my other grandchildren, Madena and Jorge Samuel. Practically, Nancy and I raised Shadia, so the adoration is great and she understands us very well.” With these words of love for her grandchildren, the task was easy because her heart sent signs of joy.

I would like to be like Escalona

make a house in the sky,

no one visits you

only my person

The song took shape and Jorge Oñate thought. “Rafael Escalona, ​​​​made his song for Adaluz; Calixto Ochoa, for the little boy; Hernando Marín, his girls; Diomedes Díaz, his son and other composers put on their children. I also sang for my children: Delfina Inés, Jorge Daniel and Jorge Luis, so it was necessary to do it on their behalf with my first granddaughter”.

Delfina Inés has left me,

but Shadia stayed,

and also Jorge Samuel

and Madena, they are my soul.

Inspiration accompanied him and little by little he put together the verses that gave him the precise formula to honor his granddaughter. That restless girl who went to kindergarten at the time and also sang in her free time, because she wanted to imitate her grandfather.

I am filled with feeling

Every day I see her bigger

I’m getting old

I don’t have time to forget you.

When the song took shape, Jorge introduced it to his wife Nancy and their children. That time he remarked: “For my family it was something of great joy and feeling. Later I premiered it at a presentation in Sahagún, Córdoba”.

The man who split the history of vallenato music in two and the songs he sang can be heard everywhere, bowed his head and let a few tears run down his cheeks as a reward. Those tears were the example of the most faithful feeling that allowed the most eloquent verses to flow from his throat, dedicated to a being whom God had brought into the world to the joy of all and who had become a sung news.

Source: El heraldo