‘Alert: Missing Persons Unit’, the new police series from AXN

‘Alert: Missing Persons Unit’, the new police series from AXN

the Spanish series missing It became a hit on Amazon Prime Video as it focused on a specialized unit searching for missing persons led by Commissioner Santiago Abad, played by actor Juan Echanove. Likewise, it premiered on AXN on Monday, February 27. the series Alarm: Missing Persons Unit starring renowned actor Scott Caan.

Alarm: Missing Persons Unit is a series produced by executive producer John Eisendrat (The blacklist) and famous actor Jamie Foxx. The protagonists of this recently released fiction are Nikki Batista, director of the Missing Persons Unit, and her ex-husband, Jason Grant. The two try to help others find their loved ones while searching for their missing son at the same time.

A special unit for missing persons

The protagonists of this series are a team of the Philadelphia Police Department’s Missing Persons Unit (MPU). Unit led by Nikki Batista, a police officer who joins the unit after the disappearance of his own son.

Her life is forever changed when, six years after the disappearance of her son Jason Grant, her ex-husband and private investigator shows him what appears to be evidence of his son’s life. Is he still alive or is someone trying to confuse her? Nikki decides to forget their previous arguments and recruits him to join the missing persons unit. The two join forces to put their past battles behind them and find where their son is, while helping others find their loved ones.

Each episode of this series combines the case of a missing person with the gripping personal story of Nikki and Devon as they try to find the whereabouts of their missing son and gradually make progress in their investigation. An intense police series that captivates the viewer with its complex plots and in which the protagonist duo surprises with their personal story and their commitment to the search for the disappeared. Action, thrills and excitement are guaranteed in every episode.

Alarm: Missing Persons Unit

the cast of Alarm: Missing Persons Unit

The series stars well-known actor Scott Caan (Hawaii 5.0), which features researcher Jason Grant and actress Dania Ramirez (Virgos and Evil), who plays Nikki Parker, the director of the missing persons office.

The cast also includes actors Fivel Stewart, Bre Blair, Ryan Broussard, Graham Verchere, Joe Pingue, Adeola Role, Robert Bazzocchi and Sammy Azero, among others.

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