The great trick to get 50% off SkyShowtime sale

The streaming market is starting to saturate. This is reflected in the commercial reviews of the major manufacturers behind the platforms. Disney announced losses, as did Warner Bros. Discovery of Netflix almost a year earlier. inflation, additional freeze on payments Since most Spaniards cannot afford to subscribe to more than two platforms, the battle and competition is so fierce that “the big red” among others had to introduce a plan into your business model cheap with advertising. But in case we didn’t have enough alternatives between HBO Max, Apple TV, Filmin, or Amazon Prime Video last week, it’s showtime. A content panel featuring some of the biggest distribution brands in the industry. Do you want to know what steps you need to take to take advantage of the special introductory discount? We’ll tell you.

First we need to know that SkyShowtime movies, documentaries and series will include Universal Pictures, DreamWorks, Sky, Peacock, Nickelodeon, Showtime, Paramount + and Paramount Pictures. In other words, the new entrant will attract a large number of IPs and franchises such as Jurassic Park, Mission Impossible each Fast and furious, alongside international series like Tulsa King and national content like Bosé. The monthly price to access the catalog of this new audiovisual tenant of our houses is € 5.99. However, thanks to the promotion of its arrival in the Spanish market, it is possible to get a lifetime subscription for € 2.99, a discount of 50%, making it the cheapest quality/price platform among its main competitors.

Sky Showtime

How do I access the offer and when will it be available?

This is necessary to access the Rent SkyShowtime promotion over the web, because if you register through the app, you will be charged € 5.99. First we need to log into this new streaming service and then sync our data set with the app.

50% discount is only available until 25.04, as it is a discount to quickly attract new customers to the app. It is clear that if they increase the price, the promotion will not be affected. From SkyShowtime they ensure that the offer is maintained regardless of the increase in the rates of their service. Please note that if we cancel the subscription at any time when recreating the account, we will not be able to count on the discount we had before.

Source: La Neta Neta