For example, you can activate the powers of ‘Baby Yoda’ with the Google doodle

‘Baby Yoda’ is the protagonist of this new doodle of the technology giant. He famous character now it pops up every time a request is made on the screen of computers or phones search from the series.

When searching for “The Mandalorian”, you will be able to see that one of the main characters of the series in the bottom right section, and if the user clicks on it, they can see how the forces of the character are activated and the search results they will start Unpleasant shake until it falls to the bottom of the screen.

Of course, this does not affect the computer or the navigation from Google will only make searching for the acclaimed series more dynamic. But if the user instead wants everything to return to the normalyou just need to press the “X” which is located in the middle of the lower part, so that all actions performed by ‘Baby Yoda’ will be erased.

This doodle can be tested for both computers as in appliances mobile.

Source: El heraldo