Arjan rejects Maurice at first sight in Married: ‘That’s not how you treat people’

If Maurice still has any hope in Portugal, the experience is already over for Arjan. “I never thought this would be the result,” Arjan tells the camera. What bothers the florist the most is that he doesn’t understand why he and Maurice fit together. Her new husband feels more like a brother to her and doesn’t see himself as a value he finds important: “lying in bed with and close to a relative”. “I know – if you put a million on it, I know Maurice is not my love partner.”

In Porto, Maurice is confronted by letter with Arjan’s choice, which should clarify more, but which actually contains no answers for Maurice. For Arjan, a relationship is not possible and he does not need to do any further research. Maurice is open to friendship, although he’s not sure he can. He has to give it a place first. “I’m really sorry, he’s not here,” she said. He didn’t even like it relationally. But Maurice needs the speech that Arjan mentions in his letter “very much needed”.

“Now I’m really disappointed, it hurts. I’m so sorry you didn’t fly and sat down here to arrange a meeting for breakfast or lunch only if needed. We talked a lot in the city. it’s hard to conclude like that, and it seems to me a sign of weakness to put it in a letter,” says Maurice.

After a while, when Maurice calls his good friend, it becomes clear again that his ex-husband’s letter is deeply disturbing. He also finds Arjan’s choice disrespectful to his family. “The whole experience has collapsed, so we can be clear about it. But you remain human. It’s true, whoever it is, your neighbor, your friend, an acquaintance or now your husband: I don’t think you are like that. go with people.(…) My family really had to overcome obstacles to get here. These people are 200% connected with the right intentions and then they do it.

“I’ll be there,” he continued firmly. “But it’s happened to me with my family and my family too, I’m really sorry. I had to convince them that these lovely people are doing all this for me and then you do it to yourself. give them so.

Arjan’s choice is a bomb that explodes in the middle of the experiment and experts search for an explanation. According to them, Arjan and Maurice have set up a “great match”. “We received no signals that we saw that this could happen,” says behavioral biologist Patrick van Veen. “What’s happening now isn’t just what you think: I’m disappointed in a partner, so you give up on the experience. And a very high loyalty on time.”

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Source: RTL