15-inch Ghostface figure appears for Scream VI

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You wouldn’t normally invite a serial killer into your home, but Mezco Toyz invites you to do just that with the Ghost Face MDS Mega Scale Doll, which hits theaters March 10, just in time for Scream VI. The figure is 15 centimeters tall and has 11 points of articulation. Includes a hunting knife and an exclusive tunic and mask. I hope you learned your horror trivia or you risk losing your knees.

You can pre-order the Scream Ghostface MDS Mega Scale Doll here at Entertainment Earth for $79.99 with free US shipping and 10% off any in-stock item that you add to your cart via our unique link. NECA’s 8-inch Ghostface action figure is currently eligible, but quantities are low at the time of writing. For more Scream related products, visit Entertainment Earth here.

Judging by early critical response, Scream VI will be a great movie in more ways than one. In an interview earlier this year, new Shout it out Star Melissa Barrera said she thinks moving to New York makes the franchise scarier, given the city’s scale.

“It’s about 20 times more humiliating. It’s terrible,” Barrera said. colliders to venture into a new location for the franchise. “Because you also see how in a city like New York everyone does their own thing and someone screams for help and no one comes to the rescue. No one comes to help, you know, everyone says, “I’m not going to get into that.” So it’s humbling because Ghostface is after you, but you also see humanity and how they react in a situation like this. Anyway, I think I’ve probably said too much already.”

Source: La Neta Neta