This is the price of a waffle at Severo Sinvergüenza, the viral venue in Cali

Social networks were responsible for spreading the specific company called Serious villain. So much so that hundreds of people gathered in recent days to check if what they saw on the networks was true.

The same released videos caused the relevant authorities to visit the company to verify and enforce the ruleswhich must be fully complied with in order to continue operating.

There is a group of people in the same networks who have rejected the behavior demonstrated in the premises, as well as another group who have supported the initiative.

In conversation with Caracol Radio, Camila Apote, owner and manager of the company, gave details about it and clarified the waffle price and all about whether the controversial show, including dancing and interacting with customers, is free.

“The ‘show’ is not charged. What we sell is waffles and the show is part of what we do. Tipping is voluntary. There are girls who leave 100,000 pesos, there are others who leave nothing, and there are others who only give what comes from their hearts,” Aponte said, noting that the wafer costs 20,000 pesos.

Source: El heraldo