What has become of Julio Meza, the first winner of the ‘Factor X’ Colombia?

However, so much was his taste for the music who managed to incorporate some of that passion into his other daily tasks on the street peddlermechanic, glass installer and dancer, as he also devoted himself to being mariachi.

He started music at the age of 17, participated in various musical groups, danced and learned to play guitar. He went to live in Riohacha where he developed all kinds of activities and studied and listened in the hands of Tony Márquez other genres such as R&B, Soul and Jazzto which he showed a greater inclination.

Years later, thanks to his endless efforts to realize his dream and his preparation, Julio “went to try his luck” in Bogotá, where he took part in the first Colombian edition of the musical reality show ‘X Factor’ in which, as mentioned so far, he managed to become champion.

Source: El heraldo