A woman who appears in the controversial “Severo Scoundrel” video spoke

“We have seen the videos and they are embarrassing, it is not the Cali that we want to represent. If the establishment does not comply with the corresponding regulations, it will be penalized, this type of activity with obscene acts cannot be carried out,” said the Secretary of Security, Jimmy Dranguet.

In the midst of the scandal appeared Stephen Starthe client who stars in the video, to talk about the reasons why she decided to visit the site and participate in the “show”.

“I am the one who lifted the shirt, the one who showed the breasts, that’s true. I went with a friend, we already knew about the place of references in Medellín. We wanted to meet and there they offered us with or without a show and we decided to record. With a show it cost about $30,000 for one person and without a show I don’t know how much a waffle is worth because I wanted the show,” he said on Caracol Radio.

Source: El heraldo