Carolina Cruz responded to criticism for a comment about breast prostheses

A follower of Carolina offered her support, saying: “I don’t see her with anger nor do I see her disrespecting anyone. When she gives the example “like a man,” she is referring to the fact that they are physically flat. His call is to take responsibility in the message he conveys to people and that each case is unique.”

Then the presenter thanked her fan for understanding her and not judging what she let fester in the program, “I’m used to it, I’m sure they saw the edited video, but not the full show. Thank you beautiful woman”.

Carolina later shared her experience with the prostheses in another Instagram story. under pressure from society i donned puchecaspouting and busty, the reign ended and everyone said she didn’t win because she was busty and under pressure from society again he made me pout and I had a reduction, those prostheses I left behind were the famous PIP and I had to remove the prostheses” confirms the presenter that her experience after 4 breast prosthesis operations it’s been good.

Source: El heraldo