Baby was born with his sister’s fetus in his head and had to be removed


To this end atypical case is mentioned ‘fetus within fetus’ where in the womb the two fetuses merge and one grows inside the other, in this case the mother of the girl, originally from China, who was pregnant Twins He only had one and the other was in his sister’s head.

“Intracranial ‘fetus within fetus’ is thought to arise from unseparated blastocysts. The joined parts develop in the forebrain of the host fetus and enveloping the other embryo during the folding of the neural plate,” said Dr. chunde liof Beijing Tiantan Hospital in their medical journal.

the stranger and rare phenomenon it was extended for a year until the removal of the fetus that had become a parasite, thus preventing the girl’s death. During that period shared blood and as it grew, the pressure on the baby’s brain increased, causing the aforementioned symptoms.

Cases like this are classified as rare because they occur approximately in one case 500,000 live birthsFederico Lubinus, a radiologist, told El Tiempo newspaper.

Source: El heraldo


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