La Liendra met David Ospina in Saudi Arabia


The mail in Instagram has 216 thousand likes and 815 comments in which his followers wrote to him that he was about to meet his idol, Cristiano Ronaldo, since the football player plays in the same team as the Colombian goalkeeper.

“The closest you’ve been to Cristiano hahahaha”, “It’s about meeting Cristiano.” “You’re closer to meeting the bug”, “Don’t worry, you’re going to meet them“, “I hope you can meet Cristiano”, “what a good picture”, “Getting closer to the CR7”, were some of the comments in the publication.

The nit is still enjoying his journey and was even able to get to see his idol play the ‘bug’ as the attacker of the Al Nassr,Now when we’re ready for today’s game, Let’s go @cristiano Thanks @alnassr_fc ”.

The content creator also showed an emotional video in honor of the Portuguese’s goal, “The goal from the bug and the free kick was worth every damn mile I covered @cristiano never disappoints that hp pursues that happiness

Source: El heraldo


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