“I don’t care about anything”: Piqué on harassment received after I broke up with Shakira

Then, on March 14, the former Spanish footballer, Gerard Pique He spoke for the first time about his breakup with Shakira, hinting that he didn’t want to discuss the subject again, he did it again this Saturday.

This time, Piqué was referring to the fans of the barranquillera, from whom he has drawn harsh criticism since his break was confirmed over an alleged infidelity on the part of the former Barca player.

You don’t know what I have come to receive through social networks from people who are fans of hers, but barbaric. I don’t care about anything, it’s zero, because I don’t know them at all, they are people who have no life,” he said during an interview with the Portal Marca.

The Spaniard seemed to the users as “robots” who deserve no importance.

“How important should you give them? It is that it is zero, you will never meet them in your life, they are like robots ”.

It should be remembered that these days Shakira will move to Miami with her children, for whom they also crucified the Catalan, as users have observed a series of behaviors that they do not share.

A video was recently released that sparked controversy on social networks during a Kings League event in which Pique scolded Milan.

According to some media outlets, the act is the result of a phrase launched by the firstborn in which he calls Sasha “clown”.

After de Barranquillera’s decision to move to Miami with her children, Now Piqué will have his children ten days a month and all three holiday periods in effect in the United States, outside of the Christmas and summer holidays.

Under the terms of the agreement that was executed, the Spaniard will, in principle, be able to cross the Atlantic to see his children as often as he likes, and the costs will be borne by both of them.

Since they ended their relationship, the little ones have not let go of their mother’s hands, who takes them to each of the places she visits. She recently traveled with them to New York for their appearance on the Jimmy Fallon show, where she performed alongside Argentinian rapper Bizarrap.

Source: El heraldo