Barranquilla actress Brenda Hanst “touches the sky” from Mexico

Barranquilla actress Brenda Hanst “touches the sky” from Mexico

The actress Brenda Hanst is a wife of barranquilwho started in the world of entertainment through modeling and thanks to her talent, little by little new spaces opened up until she participated in important television and film productions and in the theater world.

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Before achieving some major achievements such as becoming the protagonist of the movie My beautiful people, my beautiful people, she participated in several catwalks with designers such as Ángel Sánchez and Tommy Hilfiger in Venezuela, in 2004 she received her first role in the soap opera Negra permission, a Venezuelan production.

It has been her passion and discipline that led her to join the cast of highly remembered series such as: Celia Cruz, La Niña, the law of the heart, I met him late, among others El capo 2. She currently plays the role of Caridad Mendoza in El Señor de los Cielos, a high audience television production that narrates the war between gangsters to preserve the cocaine routes in the Bahamas and Florida. The series airs on Telemundo in the United States and will soon be shown in Latin America Netflix.

Source: El heraldo