Drake and Josh do not receive royalties for the broadcast of the Nickelodeon series

Drake and Josh do not receive royalties for the broadcast of the Nickelodeon series

Drake and Josh was a popular American television series that aired on Nickelodeon from 2004 to 2007.

Created by Dan Schneider, the series featured a cast of young talent, including Drake Bell and Josh Peck, who played the series’ main characters.

Although the series was very popular, there was some controversy surrounding the actors’ salaries.

In the series, Drake and Josh were two stepbrothers who lived together after their parents got married.

Drake played by Drake Bell was a young musician struggling to make it in the music world while Josh played by Josh Peck was a smart and studious boy.

Throughout the series, the two characters had different adventures and encountered different problems, always with a lot of humor and fun.

As for the actors’ salaries, contrary to what everyone would believe, they weren’t that high and today “they’re struggling with finances like everyone else,” they say.

In an interview with youtuber Steven Barlett, Josh Peck said that participating in the series changed his life, although he expected greater financial guarantees in the future.

According to Peck, the production had no royalties for them, meaning that the actors did not receive revenue for every airing of the show, but only a fixed salary for the production time.

“Per episode they paid us $15,000. That means more or less $100,000 a year, which was very good at the time and more so with the age we were,” said the actor, referring to the fact that the pay was good at first.

Despite this, he added: “The problem is that no matter how much you save and work with that money, it is running out and today the situation is different. I’m not complaining, but I’m just as concerned about next year’s financial situation as anyone else.”

Likewise, Drake Bell, who was reported missing, also described the situation as unfair.

“Unfortunately, ‘Drake and Josh’ had no royalties. For example, the “Friends” actors each earn about $20 million a year in royalties. what about us? We were #1 on Hulu and we’re still worried about how we’re going to pay the rent next month,” he protested.

It is worth noting that the series was a huge success and both Drake Bell and Josh Peck became television stars.

After the series ended, both actors continued to work in the entertainment industry, although they never achieved the same fame and success as they did with Drake and Josh.

Either way, the series remains a Nickelodeon classic and fondly remembered by fans around the world.

Source: El heraldo