Hide your tears for the best-selling issue of 2021 –

Hide your tears for the best-selling issue of 2021 –

The Weeknd’s single, Save Your Tears, was the world’s best-selling song last year, according to an annual ranking published by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI). It has been calculated that more than 2.15 billion sales have been made worldwide by the institution, which also plays on platforms such as Spotify and Deezer.

This fact also gives the singer the success of being the first artist to put himself in first place for two years in a row and to stand out in the rankings last year with his popular single. dazzling lights

hide your tears was one of the singles After hoursIt is The Weeknd’s fourth studio album, which also includes other popular songs. mercilessin your eyesand so forth.

After classification hide your tearssort puts the theme in second place To stayby Justin Bieber with $2.07 billion in revenue; the third floatFrom Dua Lipa with 1.88 billion. the fourth appears Butterfrom the group btsIt reached 1.76 trillion. In fifth place are the following, drivers license1.73 billion by Olivia Rodrigo; and then the sixth peachesJustin Bieber and Daniel Caesar and Giveon, 1.72 billion.

Complete the list in seventh place dazzling lights1.61 billion from The Weeknd; ranks eighth good 4u, Olivia Rodrigo, 1.61 billion; while appearing in the ninth Huntercall me by name), Lil Nas X with 1.60 billion; and appears in the tenth and last position Bad habitsEd Sheeran with a turnover of 1.57 billion.

Source: Ulti Mahora