Was there a cannibal restaurant in La Calera, Cundinamarca?

This is the prestigious local Italian gastronomy L’Angolo de Gigi. A restaurant frequented by the cream of the crop, which has gone down in history thanks to the allegedly peculiar origin of the meat they used to prepare their dishes.

L’Angolo de Gigi was one of the first haute cuisine restaurants in the municipality the calera, Cundinamarca. After its creation, it did not take long to establish itself as one of the most prestigious in the sector. It was therefore not surprising that great personalities from the show business who wanted to indulge their taste buds with the exquisite dishes prepared by Chef Gigi Ferruzo.

And according to guests, L’Angolo was one of the restaurants with the best beef in the country.

Ferruzo’s restaurant had been founded and reached the height of its fame at a time when the country was at war against the drug trade. The guerrillas were lashing Colombia and an incipient paramilitarism made matters worse.

In the midst of all this panorama, Gigi’s business seemed far from failing. Which in the eyes of many did not seem so normal. In the midst of one of the most violent and bloody times in Colombia’s history, it was not very common for businesses to flourish.

The chief began associating with the most illustrious and controversial politicians in the country, and his personality and manner of dress began to change noticeably. Some even came to compare him to some kind of gangster because of the attitude he had adopted.

So, in the midst of this context in which more and more people died and disappeared in the sector, a rumor began to circulate about the origin of the “beef” used in the kitchen of the prestigious local.

Many began to point out that, presumably, what they used to prepare L’Angolo’s meals human flesh and not “high-quality beef,” as Gigi boasted, allegedly claiming that the meat used in her business was imported from Italy and sent to her by her sister.

What increased the doubts of the residents of the area and diners of the restaurant was the testimony of an alleged ex-F2 agent, former secret police, who at one point revealed to a national media outlet that he had been in contact with Gigi on the day the palace was taken over by Justice, when they ordered him to let the chief in to select “the most stuffed corpses”.

After that, and the stories of some of Ferruzo’s kitchen companions, who confirmed that the Italian had forbidden anyone but him to receive or handle the meat, the rumors about the restaurant only grew, increasing the fame and prestige of the premises. only increased. fell to bankruptcy.

The reality is that this myth cannot be denied or confirmed to date as very little is known about Ferruzo other than the fact that he was a butcher from an early age and left his native Italy to settle. in Colombia, where they disappeared after the failure of L’Angolo.

Source: El heraldo