Melissa Martínez showed a mysterious gift that James Rodríguez had sent her

In 2022, the costeña was by word of mouth due to her divorce from the Uruguayan footballer Matias Mier, who allegedly had been unfaithful. Despite the bad moment, Martínez has shared on social networks that she is committed to her professional career and her facet as a businesswoman.

In addition, the presenter shared images of a mysterious gift she received on her Instagram account. The gift had a card signed with the name of ‘Arrogant’; which left his followers a lot of intrigue about this new character in Martínez’s life.

Some speculated it was the Colombian player James Rodriguez, who recently opened his new restaurant aptly named ‘Arrogant’. This wouldn’t be the first time the Atlanticense has received a detail from the Tolimense as they have competed in several events; as a press conference on its way through the RealMadrid and also when he was a member of the German club, Bayern Munich.

Source: El heraldo