“It’s disgusting”: Rosalía on the artist who published a fake nude of hers

The Spanish singer Rosalía spoke through social networks about the image published by the also Spanish artist JC Reyes showing the interpreter of Motomami naked. However, the photo was generated by artificial intelligence and Photoshop, which unleashed the fury of the Catalan.

“Seeking influence, disrespecting and sexualizing someone is a form of violence and it’s disgusting, but doing it for 4 games of + what it gives is a disgrace,” the superstar wrote on her Twitter profile.

The photo was uploaded by JC Reyes to his Instagram stories, where he commented in a video moments before, “I can’t upload the girl’s photos, a photo she sends to me, man. That would be shameless, wouldn’t it? I was thinking how bad it felt. It wasn’t for him to change that way.”

Finally, after the rain of criticism, he removed the photos and mockingly stated that “to these women you put before me, ‘What are you doing?’, ‘How disgusting you are’… Nothing for the girl (Rosalía) the more you see the neckline. Respect, eh?”

And he added that he would release a song called Rosalía.

Source: El heraldo