Which was first: the egg or the chicken? Science finally solved the riddle

Based on genetic studies and research on the evolution From birds, the scientific answer to the chicken and egg riddle is clear: the chicken came first.

“Our study makes us pause and wonder if the egg that hatched the first chicken was really a chicken egg. There had to be an embryo that became the first chicken, but the ‘egg’ laid by its parents, didn’t. would look like a chicken egg as we know it,” Rodger explained to BBC Mundo.

The chicken, with its genetic material and its ability to produce the OC-17 gene, was necessary for the formation of the shell of the egg as we know it. Without the chicken, the eggs would not have a solid, protective shell.

However, he added: “he will never be one Definitive answerin the sense that it cannot be verified by scientific methods”.

Source: El heraldo