Eddie Murphy would be part of the cast for The Pink Panther live-action

The unforgettable adventures of The Pink Panther could return to the theaters and, according to what is said, his new film could count on the participation of great actors such as the famous comedian Eddie Murphy.

Murphy, who has so far become known for giving birth to endearing characters in various productions, such as Norbit, star of the movie of the same name; and ‘Donkey’ in the original version of the animated film ‘Shrek’, would play the role of the unforgettable Inspector Clouseau.

As far as is known, Metro Goldwyn Mayer, the production house that would be staging the live-action of the memorable pink character, led by Jeff Fowler, would have entered into talks with the renowned comedian, who, throughout his career, has shown that he versatile enough to embody different characters and make its mark on film productions.

Source: El heraldo