“Thanks for the admiration and respect”: Karol G publishes her photos in Elle

Karol G is one of the most famous Colombian artists in the world. Her greatest hits have made her a world-class singer, with her lyrics mainly focusing on women and female empowerment.

Even in April Carol G. she showed her character by putting forward a message for women: accept themselves as they are and love themselves as they are, emphasizing natural beauty and authenticity. This in response to the controversial cover of GQ magazine.

The artist raised her voice over the excessive retouching done to her in the publication, so much so that she saw the photo and didn’t feel it was her face or her body. At the time, the urban singer published a message with her natural face and the image of the magazine’s cover, in which she appears to be standing upright and changes in her physical appearance are clearly visible. The publication was titled: “Carol G, the power of music in Spanish”.

What was initially a source of pride to be the cover of the new edition of GQfor Carol G. it became “disrespectful”. “Today my GQ magazine cover was made public, a cover with an image that does not represent me. My face doesn’t look like this, my body doesn’t look like that and I feel very happy and comfortable with how I look naturally,” said the Colombian, who also appreciated the chance to be interviewed by this international medium that is focuses on fashion and entertainment trends.

Now the singer appeared on the cover of the El magazine of the United States. In the carousel of images that “La Bichota” shared on her social networks, she can be seen with her pink hair and wearing different dresses that accentuate her body and with little makeup, something that her fans emphasized, because “her beauty is natural.”

the interpreter of ‘While I heal my heart’ She was touched to have such a space to continue to empower her followers to love themselves as they are and to share once again all the obstacles she has had to overcome and how she managed to make her most recent album. ‘Tomorrow will be beautiful’the fourth of his discography, which is still the most listened to in the world.

In a recent post on her Instagram account, she commented, “These days have been crazy, beautiful, special and the blessings and opportunities keep coming. Thank you @elleusa for this invitation to be on the cover, for these beautiful pictures, for admiration and respect and for this day that we enjoyed so much.”

He also talked about his most recent album “Tomorrow will be more” in the interview. He said his inspiration came after going through a difficult process in his life.

“I never imagined that such a dark moment in my life would transform me into what I am now as a person. The situation forced me to learn, to appreciate what I had, to find more happiness in myself than in any other person. I think that’s actually the soul of the whole album and what made it so successful,” he said.

Also, as usual, he sent a message to women: “We teach women how rich it is to be confident, to empower themselves. But also how nice it is to get to this point to have such a global platform like that I have to tell them to people that it’s okay not to feel good.”

Source: El heraldo