David Ospina dedicated a song by Diomedes to his wife on her birthday

In the video you can see Ospina the driving through the city singing ‘Tu cumple’ by the famous singer Diomedes Díaz, an icon of Colombia’s Vallenato music. The choice of this particular song was not random, as the music of Diomedes Díaz is highly appreciated and loved in the coffee country.

Emotion and love are reflected in the faces of David Ospina and Jesica Sterling as the video unfolds. The serenade becomes an intimate and moving moment, where the music becomes the bridge to express the deepest feelings.

Ospina’s interpretation shows his sensitivity and passion, while his wife’s reaction reveals the happiness and gratitude he feels at that moment.

The video soon went viral on social networks, generating comments of admiration and affection for the couple.

Many users emphasized the beauty of this romantic gesture and Ospina’s musical taste. In addition, the tribute to Diomedes Díaz sparked the nostalgia and pride of Vallenato music fans, who applauded the song’s choice.

In a world where celebrities are often associated with scandal and controversy, it’s refreshing to see public figures like David Ospina show their more human and loving side.

Source: El heraldo