Yina Calderón went to Father Chucho to exorcise the incubus that torments her

Controversial DJ and influencer from Huila, Yina Calderón, once again became the center of criticism and ridicule across social networks, after a controversial video she herself shared on her official Instagram account telling her followers went viral. supposedly has a stormy paranormal experience that leaves her in fear for her life.

According to what Yina shared in her video, she has been suffering for several months from attacks by an incubus, or sexual demon, that “climbs on her” while she sleeps and “gropes” her. For this reason, she made the decision to visit the famous father Jesús Hernán Orjuela, better known as father ‘Chucho’, so that he can perform an exorcism on her that will finally free her from this entity that torments her.

“This thing hitting me is starting to grope me. When it happens to me, I start praying,” said the content creator, who also stated that she knew she was not the only one who had experienced a similar situation and assured that “there are people who have not woken up from this stuff.”

In addition, guaracha’s DJ revealed that this is not the first time this has happened to her, although she specified that it is now “much more advanced

“What I have is a very serious problem. I already told you that something came on top of me and that he touched me,” the woman, who also assured that the first time she spoke publicly about this, several of her followers, and even Natalia París herself, told her They explained what it was about, sent him prayers and gave him various tips to fight the entity.

“Now I’m getting out of my body (…) he took me out the window and made me fly,” the Huila woman said after admitting that her story could be somewhat hard to believe and even somewhat comical, as some people. .

Source: El heraldo