“The fans are dissatisfied”: Joaco Guillén about Diomedes documentary

Last March 30 Netflix released the documentary ‘Diomedes: the idol, the mystery and the tragedy’, focused on the case of the death of Doris Adriana Kindinvolving the Vallenato music singer.

Just a few days after its release, the documentary provoked mixed reactions. The most notable was undoubtedly: Martin Elias Jr. grandson of Diomedes and son of ‘El Gran Martín Elías’, who died in a road accident in 2017.

“More than the best Vallenato music singer, he was my grandfather. Those of us who were close to him know that he was an example of a person. He was one who united families, brought joy and brought Colombia and its culture to the entire universe… and they focus on just one mistake. The truth is very disappointing,” reads a letter that the minor published in the stories of his account. Instagram

Source: El heraldo