Henry Cavill would have loved ‘The Flash’, the new DC movie

In accordance with sasha street, The last to have the first to see the movie was Henry Cavill, who has played Batman in the DCEU. At a press conference to promote the film, the actress said she had spoken with the British actor and with Melissa Benoist, responsible for giving life to the Kryptonian in the television series, asking them for advice.

Calle confirmed, according to the newspaper ‘as’, that the actor confessed that he had seen the film and ‘loved it’, despite the fact that he no longer has any relationship with the studio that produced the film.

After the praise and good comments that ‘The Flash’ has received from those who have been able to see it, fans have high expectations, especially with the progression showing moments that have attracted a lot of attention.

The movie is directed by Andres Muschietti, an Argentinian director who is famous for bringing Stephen King’s novel ‘It’ to the movies.

Source: El heraldo