Would Melissa Martinez leave Colombia? This is what her big friend revealed

The statements were made on ‘Good day, Colombia’, an RCN program, where both celebrities went talk about their projects and trajectories.

“Everything is a path and a process, no matter what it looks like on the outside, it always matters what it looks like on the inside. What is the process she has to go through to become a woman who can look in the rearview mirror and feel calm”, said Martínez about his love life.

He then reflected that a sentimental situation “corresponds to a percentage, perhaps the most important, because it’s your family, but it’s not the only thing”, and assured that “there are many more things and factors in life to get up again and again”.

The controversy ignited afterward. Well, Soto revealed that the interview with Mellissa was difficult to specify because she was already there. preparing the documentation to leave Colombia.

Source: El heraldo