They throw a bottle at Poncho Zuleta at a concert in Repelón

They throw a bottle at Poncho Zuleta at a concert in Repelón

In recent hours, Cristian Rodríguez, manager of the vallenato singer Poncho Zuleta, denounced that at a concert that took place in Repellon, Atlantic Oceanan audience member tried to attack the performer after he threw a bottle, apparently made of glass, in the middle of the presentation.

However, the object had no direct impact Zuleta Poncho, but to a member of your group. According to the manager, the bottle hit guitarist César Valbuena, injuring him.

“The bottle that a maverick threw at the parties this morning Repellon, Atlantic Ocean, to the minstrel Poncho by Zuleta Diaz. I don’t know what people have in their heads; how they attack a legend in this way. The container that targeted my artist’s humanity ended up with the maestro César Valbuena, our guitarist, whose left hand was affected and he was unable to continue the “show,” Poncho Zuleta’s manager reported.

Likewise, he rejected this aggression towards the singer: “In the name of folklore, culture and the minstrel’s work team, we demand respect and reject this type of performance that is not linked to wholesome entertainment,” concluded Cristian Rodríguez.

Recently, Poncho Zuleta caused controversy for one video in which it occurs to kiss in the mouth to one young in the middle of one of his presentations. In addition to the remarkable age difference, Poncho Zuleta has been called out on social networks for harassment because in the recording the woman is seen awkwardly when the singer kisses her.

The images show Zuleta embracing the young woman with the intention of kissing her, but she avoids contact of her lips with his and offers him her cheeks twice; but at the singer’s insistence, they finally kiss on the mouth.

Some say the woman is a fan who enjoyed the concert and others say she is Ana Peña, the young woman of Venezuelan nationality who in 2019 was reportedly the sentimental partner of Zuleta Poncho.

A year ago, in May 2022, that was also the case criticized for the sexual harassment he inflicted on his colleague on stage Karen Lisarazo during a private party in Montería, at which he tried to kiss her violently

Source: El heraldo