Ruben too close to De Heir: ‘But she is not allowed to talk to him’

Ruben too close to De Heir: ‘But she is not allowed to talk to him’

First of all, there is the name of the heir of Ruben and researcher Klaas Zondervan: I. Wirth-Roeper-Bosch. “He’s a hard-to-find heir, otherwise he would have been claimed long ago,” Klaas said. One piece: van Hartenberg. An institution for the mentally handicapped where the testator Herman van Eyk lived. It doesn’t help much at first. Meanwhile Klaas finds out that Herman’s mother’s last name is Wirth. “So you’re getting close to the last name we’re looking for.”

Then Ruben goes to the parental home of the testator. And he is lucky, because his current resident still knows the Van Eyk family. He tells that Herman has two brothers and that two of the three boys are mentally handicapped. Reuben also finds out that Herman and his brothers are the sons of pharmacists. “They lived above a pharmacy, played there. Unbelievable.”

Then Ruben gets another call from the institution where Herman spent his last years. The employee tells her that her brothers have no children and that few relatives or people take care of Herman. “He was a beautiful man who liked to look good. He loved a pink shirt and hat. She always wanted to look neat. He hardly ever spoke.”

Ruben discovers in the archives of the city of Breda that Herman’s grandmother bore the surname Roeper-Bosch. He also finds out that Herman’s mother has another sister and two brothers. ‘I suspect someone has a child named I. Wirth-Roeper-Bosch. And this is his heir.” However, Ruben still does not know where the combined surname comes from.

Then Ruben makes a special discovery. He discovers that Hermann’s uncle, whose name is Hermann Felix, has taken the name Wirth-Roeper-Bosch from 1945. Ruben later meets a man who is writing a book about Hermann Felix. The author tells Ruben that Hermann Felix was a gifted orator who wanted to go back to his “old Aryan” days. What shocks Ruben is that Hermann Felix was reportedly one of the founders of the Third Reich, also known as Nazi Germany. He joined the NSDAP, but later withdrew his membership.

It turned out that Hermann Felix was working with SS leader Heinrich Himmler. He was one of the main people responsible for the Holocaust, or the massacre of six million Jews. A few years later he was kidnapped by Himmler and Hermann Felix was less effective.

Anyway, Ruben wants to know who I am. Wirth Roeper Bosch. The fourth child of Hermann, who wrote books on landscape gardening, is even Ilge. He was born in 1929 and seems to still live in Sweden. It turns out that Ilge, now 92 years old, has been isolated from society for ten years. He lives without a telephone, does not communicate with others and does not let strangers in. It is impossible for Ruben to talk to him. “One visit makes her life even more traumatic.”

The host is of course not allowed to talk to Ilge, but at the same time finds it frustrating. “I’m close. I know who you are. I’m not allowed to talk to him.” Miras came to him through the care institution where Ilge lives.”

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