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Sherlock Holmes It represents the best career of Robert Downey Jr. Iron ManAnd it’s going all that way. with the first Iron Man The 2008 film Downey Tony Stark became the first mainstay of Marvel cinematography. Downey returned as Tony Stark in two live streams Iron Man Continue with the countless The Avengers Crossover and mentor of Peter Parker (Tom Holland) in several films including: Spider: Come home

During his Iron Man, Downey Jr. also founded another very successful franchise directed by Guy Ritchie. Sherlock Holmes movies. with the first Sherlock Holmes Debuted in 2009 and its sequel, Sherlock Holmes: The Shadow GameThere was a bit of credible news about the development Sherlock Holmes 3 With time since then. However, with The Last Avengers Game Sings the song Junior Iron Man Swan from Down in 2019 Sherlock Holmes The franchise is starting to develop again.

two Sherlock Holmes Spin-off series are being developed for HBO Max, with Downey Jr. production produces Sherlock Holmes 3 Largely silent, the official report simply states that “The third film in the franchise was in development but never got past that stage.† ” but Sherlock Holmes 3 On its own, it looks like it won’t be hitting the cards anytime soon, two HBO Max spin-offs will finally help it launch. In addition, Downey Jr. completed his Iron Man arc The Last Avengers Gamethis is why Sherlock Holmes The franchise offers him the best direction after a similar career as Tony Stark.

Tony Stark consumed Downey Jr. from 2008 to 2019.

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Before Iron Man started the Marvel Cinematic World, Robert Downey Jr. Iron Man made his performance hailed as his big comeback. After the difficulties in his career and personal life caused by drug addiction problems, Downey’s portrayal of Tony Stark received near-unanimous approval. Tony would become Downey’s signature role and more than is normally the case with the actor’s character.

between 11 years Iron Man The Last Avengers GameTony Stark swallowed almost all of Downey’s career. While he excels as Tony Stark, Downey is rarely seen on screen in non-fiction films. While this is clear evidence of the popularity of his role as Tony Stark and his importance to the MCU, it has left Down relatively uninhabited in the Iron Man game after its return, except when it comes to the case. Sherlock Holmes

The Sherlock Holmes movies were big hits for Downey Jr.

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His greatest success during Downey Jr. Marvel went beyond working for Tony Stark. Sherlock Holmes movies. irvelic Sherlock Holmes, which hit theaters on Christmas Day 2009, grossed $524 million worldwide and received rave reviews. Only $61 down first Iron ManWith $585 million in revenue and a much smaller budget of $90 million, Downey Jr. caught your wave. Iron Man Recognition of a very different character. Sherlock Holmes: The Shadow Game It was even better at $545 million for the 2011 holiday season.

The Downey Jr Sherlock role was almost as acclaimed as Tony Stark, and those two films gave Downey Jr. the chance to step out of the superhero waters and secure your spot. Downey Jr., a true exponent of Wing Chun, also brought great skill to the film’s fight scenes, often rendered in the quintessential Guy Ritchie delay, to showcase Sherlock’s brilliant analytical skills in the middle of a fight. Ს Speak Sherlock Holmes 3 spun years later the shadow playHowever, without Guy Ritchie and two HBO Max spin-offs, this is the first real moving signal in years. Sherlock Holmes franchise. Downey Jr time for revenge, good luck Sherlock Holmes The movies point out where the next action in your career could take you.

Why is the return of Sherlock Holmes the best future for Downey Jr.?

Sherlock Holmes Robert Downey Jr.  it's the best future

Since Downey Jr. has started releasing new projects relatively recently, in part due to a pandemic caused by production delays. His first post-Iron Man movie, 2020 softy“Unfortunately, it was a huge financial frustration. While Downey Jr. appealed to Christopher Nolan’s WWII movie Oppenheimer In the role of Louis Strauss, Tony’s heroic death, who defeated Thanos, remains for him the last big moment on the big screen. Given that the post-Iron Man release of Downey Jr. is actually a blank canvas, Sherlock Holmes This is the perfect franchise for him to continue.

While the first two films were made during the time of Downey Jr. Marvel, the role itself is different enough to indicate where Down Sherlock’s return will actually do something different. With Downey Jr.’s approach. and Guy Ritchie Sherlock Holmes In the movies, when reprising the role of Sherlock, Downey Jr. can also turn his career into an action-detective hybrid with their common focus on Sherlock’s deductive mind and skill as a martial artist. Since Robert Downey Jr. was with Marvel, his lack of dedication for more than a decade largely liberated him from a wide variety of projects he couldn’t do at the time. Because of both spin-offs, Downey Jr. can also appear in the role of Sherlock once or twice to re-introduce the viewer to his detective role before returning to the full role.

Downey Jr’s time as Iron Man will be fondly remembered for years to come, both in the superhero genre in general and in his own career as Downey Jr., who did relatively little to save the world after saving a ton. The Last Avengers GameDowney Jr. probably doesn’t have a full picture of what his next Marvel career will look like. It will be a while before that happens Oppenheimer It will arrive on July 21, 2023. With the success that Downey Jr. Sherlock Holmes In the movies, it would be a smart move to return to the second-most cult role. Iron Man

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