Fame and depression characterized César Millán during ‘The Dog Whisperer’

“I had suicidal thoughts because of a feeling of failure. That feeling of failure and not being good enough. Speak with you the sameYou think no one loves you, that your clan doesn’t love you. And mine family clan It just went away… It’s like your house was on fire and you couldn’t do anything,” César said in 2018.

In 2021, Cesar returned to the small screen with a new format for the platform stream Disney+which was also produced by National Geographic Better man, better dog.

“To hold up returns to rehabilitate dogs and train pet parents. Empty dog ​​shelters and record adoptions mean America needs you more than ever. His positivism is one Lighthouse in these turbulent times, his dynamic attitude and his comforting transformations They make us feel like we can overcome all obstacles… starting with our quadrupeds!Disney+ points out.

Source: El heraldo