Mariana Correa, the daughter of Natalia París who wants to devote herself to acting

Natalia París continues to be a trend in the country, ever since the paisa became known in the 90’s it has been the dream of many and the envy of many others.

The renowned model has diversified her talent by also exploring her musical side as a DJ and growing her spirituality as seen on social networks.

At age 50, Paris’ goals have changed and are focused on her daughter living a happy life and growing professionally.

Mariana Correa is the name of Natalia’s daughter, and apparently she also has a penchant for modeling.

The young woman was recently interviewed by La Red’s gossip program, where she talked about what her life has been like and what projects she’s currently working on.

After graduation, the young daughter of the famous model studied management of the creative industry, and in Spain she graduated with a master’s degree in neuromarketing. However, she felt that this was not the path she really wanted to follow.

During that time, he says he came to consider acting as his passion and a way to earn a living.

“Last year the opportunity arose to play a role that I was preparing for and I realized that I really liked it and that I seriously wanted to do it, not just for a role, so the truth is that I didn’t put much effort into it. I really wanted to study in it and get the degree”.

For example, he decided to prepare together with actor Alejandro Aguilar, husband of Ana Karina Soto, and he is now taking lessons at the Caracol Televisión school.

In the conversation, she also mentioned that she never thought about acting in the past, despite the fact that her mother always wanted her to get into that artistic world.

“My mom tried to get me into acting classes and stuff, but the truth was it didn’t really grab my attention until now, but I always had that spark of acting, being an artist since I was little, but I never took it seriously taken.”

Source: El heraldo