They reveal the surgical procedure Luis Miguel underwent to lose weight

They reveal the surgical procedure Luis Miguel underwent to lose weight

The physical transformation of Luis Miguel It was one of the aspects that initially caused surprise after his long-awaited return to the stage. His remarkable weight loss caused a lot of excitement, getting to the point where there was speculation about the possibility that he used doubles in his presentations, as his appearance was drastically different from what he showed on his last tour in 2019.

While ‘El Sol’ has made no claims about the changes that make him look younger, it was his supposed surgeon who came to light to reveal the medical procedure the famous ‘underwent’.

During an interview with an Argentine journalist, specialist Cristian Perez lorren shared that the interpreter of “The bikini” A gastric sleeve was performed a year ago.

Pérez described the process: “It was a gastric sleeve, that is, part of the stomach was cut through and a connection was made to the small intestine, then the stomach, which is like a sack, cut in half is much smaller.” He also noted that this would improve his metabolism. It is worth noting that the excerpt from the interview was shared through the program “Firsthand”.

According to the doctor’s version, Paloma Cuevas, the artist’s current partner, was the one who encouraged him to undergo the treatment. out of concern for his health.

“She was the one who promoted this whole process. I think she was determined to save Luis Miguel’s life. I think we’ve had the singer for a long time at this point,” he said.

Source: El heraldo