With a loudspeaker in the middle of the street, a woman collected money that she had lent

Tired of asking for payment from her delinquent neighbors for a financial loan she made to them a long time ago, a woman implemented a new and peculiar collection method that will no doubt prevent more than one person from ever losing face.

Armed with a loudspeaker and a microphone in hand, this resourceful citizen left her house in the middle of the street, ready to take desperate measures against her debtors.

The funny and for some uncomfortable moment was captured in a video that quickly went viral on social networks and is believed to have taken place in a town on the Colombian coast.

In the audiovisual record broadcast over the Internet, of which thousands of reproductions have already been made, you can see the woman walking through her neighborhood, clearly distressed and, according to her, “tired of being paid for good”.

“Well, today I’m going to mention the people who wouldn’t pay me for dessert because I’m tired of charging them for good. So I’m going to start, here first I have, as always, Jorge Baldón “I mean, it’s $2,000, don’t you have 2,000 pesos to pay me for dessert? I mean, no, how is that possible,” the woman began over the loudspeaker.

Immediately afterwards, the citizen continues to announce one by one the names of the defaulters along with the amount owed to them. At one point you even hear him complaining about a neighbor who, despite having a shop, had not paid him 700 pesos.

“I also have a neighbor here, you see, she has a small store and she owes me $700, how is it possible that she is not going to pay me that,” said the collector.

Despite the unusualness of the situation, this was not what attracted the most attention from Internet users. What really surprised users the most was that this wouldn’t be the first time the woman has come to sue her neighbors, but that she’s done this about 30 more times, for which some in networks nicknamed her “the intense”.

“Hey, last I have Miss Alba and I know she listens to me. I’ve gone to the house 32 times and out of those 32, 31 times they’ve told me she’s not here. How is it possible she’s going not pay me the two thousand pesos for dessert that he owes me. I’m tired, I’m tired of charging them the good ones,” the woman ends in the video.

Source: El heraldo