The dog crashed the truck into a wall after stepping on it and accelerating

a dog by name Apollo got into his owner’s truck on Thursday, August 24, accelerated it and caused it to crash into a wall Cordoba Argentina.

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The event occurred after the man prepared to leave his home in his car and left the garage door open, where several of his dogs came out. At that moment, Apolo got into the truck, while Gustavo, his owner, was looking for him. When the man tried to get him into the house, the dog, when discovered, got out of the car at full speed, but not before accelerating.

“The truck is automatic. I was in neutral with the parking brake on and he let me accelerate. The truck sped out and crashed into the wall of a neighbour’s house,” the man told local broadcaster TN, to whom he also assured that fortunately no one was injured after the incident.

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What was at first a moment of stress later became a funny anecdote in the family: “I call him and say, ‘Your dog crashed the truck.’ He replied, “How did the dog crash the truck?” I showed him the footage and he could see it,” the man tells how he told his son what his dog was doing.

Now, after this event, the family is analyzing the possibilities of claiming the car insurance to repair it, as they believe that the insurer will not believe it was an act of their dog.

Source: El heraldo