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I eat everything, injustice It is a fighting tournament for all types of players, from beginners to veterans of the genre. As a result, some characters are easy to pick, such as Batman and Harley Quinn. However, there are characters that force even the best players to scratch their heads.

Whether complex combo lines, special moves, character skills, or a combination of all three, some characters are designed in such a way that the player needs a lot of practice to understand them correctly.

Dark side

Injustice 10 hardest characters to master in games.5

It would be easy to assume that Darkseid, one of Superman’s worst villains, is some kind of powerful fighter with zoning elements. However, this is not the case because Darkseid’s melee is one of the slowest injustice† Instead, Darkseid’s main focus is to distance himself from the game with his special moves, especially his Omega Beams.

This is quite difficult, but it takes a lot of practice to figure out how to combine special moves with some strings. Play different parades to summon and Darkside will have a lot to learn.


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For the most part, each mutated ninja skull of teenagers individually is quite simple. If the player wanted to keep the turtle and just focus on controlling that character, it shouldn’t be a problem.

However, if you want to master four turtles, there is still a lot to learn. Each turtle has its own special moves, combo chains, and even ways to move. They are not clones of each other that players can take out who go through a process of remembering which combination belongs to which turtle.

Khami ivy

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Poison Ivy is a knot breaker because the combinations are almost impossible this way. Melee combos aren’t his specialty, but he excels at connecting with his specific moves.

It’s best to stay in the middle to make effective use of your special moves, summon your minion and juggle your enemies. Like Darkseid, it takes a lot of practice to get it right, but the result is one of the strongest. injustice Fighters so far.

Wonder Woman

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Instead of the first sword and lasso injusticeWonder Woman gains special abilities injustice† Wonder Woman has access to five different lovers who respond to her in different ways.

As a result, Wonder Woman requires a lot of experimentation about which lovers influence the fight. Wonder Woman also has a lot of combinations and specialties that can be related in different ways, which can make her a little overwhelming at first, but incredibly effective at controlling her.

Captain Cold

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While his entire gimmick is his cold weapon, the Flash’s large roster of Captain Cold villains are remarkably effective at hand-to-hand combat. However, the problem may be your character’s abilities and special moves that have long and difficult activations.

As a result, properly connecting the special moves essential to your battle requires a lot of patience and learning time. When this happens, Captain Cold can be a nightmare for opponents, especially online.


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Grandson of Ras Al Ghoul and son of Batman, Damian Wayne is one of the most effective members of the bat family in battle. he translates injusticeBut to balance the items, their combo chains are the most dangerous in the game.

Robin is a character that can be revealed very easily, but when executed correctly, he is all-powerful. It doesn’t even include the many uses of its Birdarangs.

black canary

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Black Canary seems to be a simpler character playing as Sonia Blade deadly battle franchise. This is only partially true as he has a similar close up fight, but like Robin, the command input is a bit subtle.

In addition, in Black Canary much attention is paid to avoidance, controversy and avoidance. He can deal a lot of offensive damage, but his counter attacks make him one of the deadliest martial artists in the world. injustice† He has great speed with these attacks, but with one wrong move the opponent will win.

Red Hat

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At first glance, it seems that Red Hood should have an identical style to its classic rival Deadshot or Nightwing: Deathstroke. Instead, he is quite confused because of his Akimbo weapon. They are not as simple as the shell movement, but actually have their own strings combined.

With his dual pistols, Red Hood can go into battle, fire projectiles and more, but his execution orders are difficult to carry out. This gets especially difficult when it comes to switching between a regular combo and pistols.

the magic

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No one expected Enchantress to be one of the most challenging yet powerful characters injustice† Not only does it have a similar calling to Darkseid, but it also has its own utility that is just as confusing as Wonder Woman’s perks.

Enchantress can increase your combo damage, special move damage, create a protective shield, and much more. They are made with the elongated hanging gestures of the enchanted, which can expose him and make him difficult to move. There are many places for mistakes, but when done right, the sorceress becomes a nightmare for her opponents.

Doctor of destiny

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While there are several combo sequences, this isn’t a doctor’s style of fate. Dr Faith is the best at medium and long distances and uses her spells on the way to victory. This can make the use of the lottery very cheap, as if, if done correctly, the opponent will never be able to get close.

Even if an opponent manages to get close, Doctor Doom has many ways to bring them closer again. From there, fate also introduces its various modes through its character abilities. One stands in the way of fate, while the other attacks the opponent.

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