Former athlete Óscar Córdoba was reportedly recorded kissing a woman

Teams such as América de Cali, Millonarios, Deportivo Cali and the Colombian national team saw the former footballer enter Oscar Cordobawho played as a goalkeeper at the time.

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The 53-year-old from Cali has more than twenty years of experience football careera tour that also included Boca Juniors and Besiktas.

Cordoba recently became a topic of conversation social networksbut this time due to an alleged issue of infidelity in their love relationship.

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The former footballer is said to have been seen with a woman who is apparently not his wife Monica Arteaga, That’s why it sparked numerous reactions from the couple’s followers.

The rumors increased after the program ‘Lo Sé todo’ on Channel 1 published a video in which it appears Oscar Cordoba in the company of a woman, whose identity is unknown, while hanging out together in a nightclub.

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However, so far the ex-footballer He has not spoken to confirm or deny the facts and has not revealed any information about his relationship with Arteaga.

In another fragment of the video published by the program ‘I know everything’ from Channel 1, It can be seen when the former athlete kissed the woman and they stayed together all night, according to the video.

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Source: El heraldo