Mia Khalifa claimed Karol G was “robbed” at the MTV Music Awards

La paisa made history with Shakira by being the first artistsTace Latinas nominated for ‘Artist of the Year’ during the MTV VMAs that took place next Tuesday USA. Although none of them won this award, Karol G managed to make her debut at this important event.

He sang his hits: Oki doki and Tá Ok and stole thousands of praises through his social networks, as well as the phenomenal Shakira presentation which would later be merged with the ‘Best Collaboration’ statuette for their single: TQG.

There, both raised the coffee flag, while Shakira said to the world: “long live Barranquilla, long live Medallo and long live Colombia.” A stage for history.

However, for the famous former film actress AdultsMia Khalifa, this was not enough for what the paisa deserved.

“Karol G was robbed, I’m sorry, but the girl fills the stadiums until there is room to stand; another decision Besides the fact that rewarding her is purely political, it is intended to appease the broader audience that MTV is trying to reach,” he said on his X account.

Source: El heraldo