Johnny Depp Accused Of Sexual Harassment For Renting Amber Heard’s Screen

Amber Heard’s lawyers accuse Johnny Depp of sexual harassment in explosive new charges during a libel lawsuit against an ex-couple.

Amber Heard and the explosives case during the ongoing trial Johnny DeppHerd’s lawyers are responsible fantastic beasts Sexual abuser Depp is currently suing Aquarius The actor wrote to Herd from an article about allegations of defamation The Washington Post In 2018, in which he claimed to have been a victim of domestic violence. As a result of the post, Depp claims his reputation has been damaged, which has seriously undermined his status as a high-class movie star, who he is trying to fight in Fairfax County Courthouse. in Virginia.

Herd and Depp married in 2015 but divorced a year later in a messy divorce that made international headlines. While Herd never mentioned Depp by name in his article, he left a bit of confusion about who he meant by the article and created a timeline that coincided with the claims he first made in 2016, during the couple’s divorce. † These initial allegations included Herd, who accused Depp of physical abuse during their relationship, who he said was mostly under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The couple divorced in 2017; However, it seems that the ramifications of their relationship are not over.

rolling stone Herd’s lawyers charged Depp in court on Tuesday with assault. Explosive new allegations never heard before were mentioned in the opening statements of the couple’s libel suit. In his opening speech, Herd’s lawyers called the incident “close for three days [Depp] Assault and sexual abuse were inflicted on Amber.“They kept prophesying”Graphic and scary terms» About the alleged assault of Herd, which the court will hear directly from the actor himself.

Johnny Depp was accused of sexual assault by Amber Heard.5

In response to Herd’s allegations, Depp’s lawyers focused on the timing of the allegations, painting it simply as a tool to substantiate the actor’s allegations. It highlights the fact that “Mrs. Herd never made such an accusation against Mr. depp“Previous lawyers for Depp expected the actor”Panic“When he”I realized the seriousness of what he said“That meant his allegations that he was a victim of domestic violence. Depp’s attorneys ended their statement by saying that “Depp has not accused a single woman of violence in fifty-eight years.† To understand his case, Depp will have to prove that Herd’s allegations of abuse are false and that the actor was a criminal in presenting his allegations.

Although this is not the first time Depth Indicted over allegations of violence against ex-wife who lost defamation case in London by 2020 The sun marked as “hitting a woman“It certainly brings a new twist to the drama. Seven jurors were selected to hear the case, which will also be televised around the world. Regardless of the outcome of the process, given the high-profile nature of the process. The sides are drawn as the world watches the show unfold. As for the truth of Herd’s recent accusations, time will tell.

Source: La Neta Neta