Director’s Paraguayan short film wins international award

Y (Water in Guarani) is the name of the audiovisual film by the young director and producer Cristina Arana, which was awarded Best Short Film at the Aqua Film Festival in Italy last weekend.

Production is investigating the issue of the lack of this vital resource in Paraguay.

The Guaraní Aquifer is located in the country with the largest watershed in Latin America and the third largest in the world, but this resource does not reach the entire population. This is a situation that worries the director, who is originally from Paraguay, and announced it to the world by leaving Madrid in waves to his hometown.

“I am furious that the infrastructure is so precarious in such an electricity rich country. The young cinematographer, who said management had not built the necessary facilities for the development of a surplus society, stated that he rejected the problem addressed in his award-winning production.

The film is about Basilio, a man who is used to thirst, abuse of power, pain and loneliness, and situations caused by corruption. He himself, like many others, is trapped in a system that rules where he lives.

With actor, designer, producer and influential all-rounder Jork Aveiro, the audiovisual film describes the paradoxical drama that millions of people experience every day in Paraguay: Thirst. Material is Cristina Arana’s fourth short film. packagebusiness day on that side Transition

Source: Ulti Mahora