Miguel Bosé reveals that thieves asked him for a selfie after robbing his house

He also emphasized that none of the thieves at that time realized who he really was until the gang leader He recognized it and then something happened that completely amazed him. At that point, the subject took off the mask he was wearing to ask for a souvenir photo, as he was one of his biggest fans: “at one point the boss stares at me and says: ‘Guys, it’s Miguel Bosé’. He took off his mask and told me he was my fan. I told him that we had to get things on the right track then or the concerts would be over. “Even a member of the band asked me for a selfie,” he added.

At that point Bosé knew the situation would not escalate and after two long hours and taking absolutely everything the men wanted Gentlemen they ran away.

So far, capital authorities have failed to find those responsible for the robbery; However, there is speculation that whoever the attackers were looking for robbers It was for the driver’s family Ines Gómez-Mont, because of the building he currently occupies Bose It is in the name of the famous woman; but this has not yet been confirmed.

Source: El heraldo