Local artists offer new and varied music recommendations –

Local artists offer new and varied music recommendations –

Several local artists are releasing a slew of new songs, albums and video clips in their final days.

One is Víctor Riveros, who recently started the laughter of Guerra Guasu. Written in Guaraní and Spanish, the song refers to emotions such as fear and pain created by the memory of the war against the Triple Alliance, while referring to the strength and courage to stand up every day, a courage that is inherited from figures of the past. Fighting for the sovereignty of the country.

The offer is available on audio platforms and includes a video clip that can be uploaded to the Víctor Riveros channel on YouTube.

Also, Paraguayan singer Tefy Musmeci presents an unpublished theme, Calm, in these few days dealing with her acceptance of ending a love affair, making peace with the fact that new feelings will come out of this process until she reaches peace. love is over and one can move on.

The unreleased offering available on various streaming platforms has a music video available on the artist’s YouTube channel.

Another soloist presents a new song by Gustavo Gómez, Oro y Cobre, a polka song that combines string arrangements and pop elements, a 6×8 rhythm proposal with sources specific to Paraguayan popular music with contemporary melodies and harmonies. † Talk about the disappointment and regret of not living up to the expectations and importance of some people in our lives.

The song is available on virtual platforms and includes a music video that can be uploaded to the artist’s YouTube channel.

combinations. Likewise, the national group Milk Shake released a new single called Fuga de Feeling, which collaborated with the local band Caja Blanda. The song suggests letting go and embracing the freedom to love. It was inspired by the joy of meeting again after two years of isolation where contact is forbidden, and also reflects the desire to fearlessly embrace this impulse and reconnect.

The song, which is available on all virtual platforms, also includes a music video that can be uploaded to the official Milk Shake YouTube channel.

Another ensemble releasing new material is the national metal band Odio, presented by Arde todo Paraguay. The lyrics refer to burns, drug trafficking, the mafia, power and other issues that have come to the fore in recent months. The band’s new proposal was part of the unreleased Calaveras and snakes album, which will be available on all digital platforms from March 18.

The single has a music video available on the band’s YouTube channel.

Launch. Another novelty will be presented on Friday at 8 p.m. at the Municipal Theater of Ignacio A. Pane (President Franco and Alberdi), on the occasion of the release of the album Without Limits by Paraguayan singer-songwriter Pedro Martínez. The artist, accompanied by other musicians, will complete his first country album in Spanish, consisting of 12 songs and prepared in collaboration with international names.

Tickets cost G. 50,000 and can be purchased in advance via (0981) 683-837.


Suggestion: War Guasu laughter.

Artist: Victor Riveros

Suggestions: keep calm

Artist: Tefy Müsmeci

Offer: Gold and copper.

Artist: Gustavo Gomez

Suggestion: Avoid emotion.

Artist: Milkshake

Suggestion: Burn all of Paraguay.

Artist: Hate Group

* Versions are available on virtual platforms.

Source: Ulti Mahora