#LaMúsicaVale to appreciate the work of artists

Did you know that the song you love most was composed with great effort by an artist who contributed to this piece? Did you know that for all music that is played, the artist is entitled to fair compensation for the use of his work? Such questions have been formulated by Dinapi and the Collective Management Associations (APA, AIE, SGP) representing national artists and phonographic producers.

These organizations have just launched the #LaMúsicaVale campaign, an initiative to make citizens and private sector actors aware of the importance of recognizing the works of artists and that they are owed fair compensation for the use of their works.

The aim of the proposal is to allow users to empathize with the artists’ work, to recognize its value and thus to increase respect for copyright and related rights, ultimately benefiting the royalties that this work should receive .

Answer to the question. They are also trying to answer a problem that has plagued writers, artists, actors and producers for a long time.

Often, private sector actors such as bars, nightclubs or event organizers do not take into account the payment to artists in their budgets, including through the payment of the relevant fee to the collective management companies. this forces users to do this.

“This campaign showcases all the hard work, effort, dedication and investment behind a musical work and highlights the groundbreaking role music plays in our daily lives and therefore the importance of paying those dues, even if they are intangible. they are extremely valuable because they are the fruits of the work of our creators. So, #LaMusicaVale”, scar Elizeche Landó, Dinapi General Manager, on Copyright and Related Rights, referred to the launch.

audiovisual. To illustrate the artistic creation process that required hours of effort and dedication, the organizers launched the campaign with audiovisual material showing how the music “gets”.

Pablo Benegas, Acho Laterza, Guille Preda, Jenny Hicks, Iván Zavala and Miguel Narváez are some of the outstanding national artists in this melodic capsule.

how to work together

They suggest and recommend that “If music accompanies you wherever you go, you consume the works of authors, producers and artists, and the rights to this art are paid”, they should be informed of the authors for the continuation of these songs . Rights and Related Rights: www.lamusicavale.com.py. “Your participation is very important and will add great value to the campaign. To show us your support, download the social media kit and share your favorite national song on your networks using the hashtag #LaMúsicaVale.

Director’s Paraguayan short film wins international award

Y (Water in Guarani) is the name of the audiovisual film by the young director and producer Cristina Arana, which was awarded Best Short Film at the Aqua Film Festival in Italy last weekend.

Production is investigating the issue of the lack of this vital resource in Paraguay.

The Guaraní Aquifer is located in the country with the largest watershed in Latin America and the third largest in the world, but this resource does not reach the entire population. This is a situation that worries the director, who is originally from Paraguay, and announced it to the world by leaving Madrid in waves to his hometown.

“I am furious that the infrastructure is so precarious in such an electricity rich country. The young cinematographer, who said management had not built the necessary facilities for the development of a surplus society, stated that he rejected the problem addressed in his award-winning production.

The film is about Basilio, a man who is used to thirst, abuse of power, pain and loneliness, and situations caused by corruption. He himself, like many others, is trapped in a system that rules where he lives.

With actor, designer, producer and influential all-rounder Jork Aveiro, the audiovisual film describes the paradoxical drama that millions of people experience every day in Paraguay: Thirst. Material is Cristina Arana’s fourth short film after Package, Workingay and Transition.

Source: Ulti Mahora