Sebastián Yatra was confused with Manuel Turizo: what happened?

Songs like ‘Devuélveme el corazón’, ‘Vagabundo’, ‘Couple of the year’, ‘treacherous‘, are some of Sebastián Yatra’s biggest hits, the Colombian composer who has won the hearts of his followers because of his talent and simplicity.

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Through social networks, the Paisa artist shares details about his professional process and every day; Precisely, on his Instagram account, where he collects 29.8 million followers, a few weeks ago he published a curious video with a follower who did not recognize him.

In the recording, Sebastián Yatra appears to be shopping at a coffee shop and when he was attended to by one of the workers, she mistook him for Manuel Turizothe interpreter of ‘A lady like you’.

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Considering the repeated occasions when he got confused, Yatra took the opportunity to feature on the program ‘Yo me llama’ Manuel Turizo as an impersonator and participant in the show.

This chapter brought a smile to more than one follower and caught the attention of Pipe wellprogram’s jury, who jokingly told him he had been “admitted” to the show and classified him for the next round.

On Instagram, Manuel Turizo also shared how a fan ended up confusing him with Sebastian Yatrabecause it is a similar situation that the two have experienced artists.

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Source: El heraldo